Thread lifts are gaining in popularity in recent years as a non-surgical option to a full facelift. Known as the ‘lunchtime facelift’, a thread lift involves specialised suture material inserted via a small incision to lift the skin of the face and neck to achieve a more youthful appearance. So what are the pros and cons of a thread lift when compared to a traditional face lift?

Pro: Less Downtime

Depending on the area being lifted, a thread lift usually only takes an hour and you can return to normal activities almost straight away. Compared with a traditional face lift which can involve weeks of painful recovery, a thread lift is a much quicker option for those wanting great results without the painful recovery.

Pro: Less pain

Recovering from a full surgical facelift can be incredibly painful. While a thread lift isn’t painless, patients generally only experience mild swelling and bruising and a small amount of pain around the ears and jaw for a week or two following the procedure.

Pro: Less Risk & Less scarring

Since there is no surgical removal of skin, you normally don’t require sedation for a thread lift. This greatly reduces the risks associated with large-scale anaesthetic procedures. A surgical facelift increases the risk of drastic facial changes depending on the amount of excess skin removed and skill of the surgeon. The tiny incisions of a thread lift leave minimal scarring, which is easily hidden behind the ear or under the hairline.

Pro & Con: A more subtle look

Depending on the look you want to achieve, you may not reach it with a thread lift. A thread lift will provide an assisted lift to the skin tissue, returning the skin to a more youthful position on the face. For patients looking to remove additional skin or drastically change their appearance, a surgical facelift is the better option.

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Con: Results are not permanent

Unlike a surgical facelift with permanent results, a thread lift’s effectiveness will reduce over time as gravity takes it’s hold and the tissues move back to their original position. Most patients of thread lifts find that they need to repeat the procedure every 2-3 years to continue to see results.

So which option is right for me?

Thread lifts are for those who would like to have a lift or tightening of the skin without having to go under the knife. It may be for those who;

  • want to delay surgery until it is warranted, and do something to lift their skin in the meantime
  • for those who never want to have surgery
  • for younger patients who do not have enough skin laxity to justify surgery
  • and for those who are unfit for surgery.

As with any major cosmetic enhancements, it is advised that you seek professional advice from a cosmetic physician – that is a GP that specialises in cosmetic enhancements. They will be able to offer the most suitable advice for your specific needs, and to help you achieve the desired effect. The doctors at DermCosmesis would be happy to offer a free consultation to anyone considering a thread lift – just get in touch here.


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