Beaute Pacifique Deep Pore Mask (50ml)


Contains three different forms of mineral clay each capable of binding and removing oily residues
Note: The Beaute Pacifique range is a medical grade product and not available for direct purchase online. So that we can accurately assess your skin condition and cosmeceutical requirements, please contact us or book a free consultation.

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Product Description

Beauté Pacifique Deep Pore Cleansing Mask helps to release all excessive oily substances from the surface of the skin.Refines Pores. Key ingredients include kaolin, bentonite and magnesium aluminium silicate clays with microscopic particles to absorb and remove oily residue. Lemon extract is a natural source of Vitamin C to stimulate collagen synthesis and works in combination with peach extract, piper methysticum root extract, camphor and menthol. Treat normal skin once a week. Treat two to three times a week on combination and oily skins.

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