Beaute Pacifique Creme Metamorphique Vit A (jar) (50ml)


Contains 3 different forms of Vitamin A each uniquely rejuvenating the collagen fibre structure
Note: The Beaute Pacifique range is a medical grade product and not available for direct purchase online. So that we can accurately assess your skin condition and cosmeceutical requirements, please contact us or book a free consultation.

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Product Description

Beauté Pacifique Crème Metamorphique Enriched Vitamin A Anti-Wrinkle Eye Creme works to treat fine lines, wrinkles and dark eye zones caused by transparent, thin skin. The triple Vitamin A types in squalane formulation help stimulate the collagen fibre structure to produce denser, better organised skin that appears more youthful. Key ingredients include squalane to restore youth, aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder to soothe and heal, tocopheryl acetate to protect the skin from harmful free radicals, retinal palmitate to enable the skin’s specialised cells to rebuild and repair sun-damaged, ageing skin and potent stabilised Vitamin A, retinal propionate.

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