Dermal Fillers

Injectable cosmetic fillers are beneficial in two main
ways. First, they can lift up areas in the skin which form lines, folds,
wrinkles, or scars. Some of these wrinkles are formed due to atrophy and
degeneration of the skin with age. Other folds may simply be an anatomical
feature of one’s face. Either way, these fillers elevate the skin into a
smoother contour.

Common areas that fillers may improve appearance include
the nasolabial folds (between the nose and mouth), parentheses lines around the
mouth, hollows under the eyes, and marionette lines. Many patients choose to
use dermal fillers rather than have cosmetic
surgery in Perth.

Ramachandran offers a selection of what he believes are the most effective and
safest of the currently available cosmetic fillers at his Perth skin
clinic.  All the fillers offered
eventually become absorbed by the body, which means their effect is temporary.
Although this may seem less than ideal for those wishing a permanent result,
this characteristic actually has clear advantages.

the face continues to age and to change even after administration of the
filler. The location and amount needed to improve an area will therefore change
over time, requiring progressive modification of the technique of filler
placement for each person in each location. Permanent cosmetic fillers,
therefore, might start to look unnatural and out of place over time as the
tissue around it changes.

other important point is that there are multiple reports of complications
related to permanent fillers such as skin granulomas and scarring.  The reported issues with the use of these
products are at a rate much higher than the absorbable fillers. Dr Ramachandran
believes that permanent fillers can lead to permanent problems, and for this
reason does not offer them in his Perth skin clinic.

 With so
many cosmetic filler products in the Perth cosmetic market, you may be confused about which is
the best choice for your needs. Dr Ramachandran and the professional staff at DermCosmesis
will be able to guide you in the right choice for the outcome you are waning to

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Dermal fillers from DermCosmesis can be used for a variety of concerns related to aging, including;

  • Adding volume and smoothing the nasolabial folds, deep creases that run from the nose to the mouth.
  • Plumping the lips and smoothing out the ‘feathering’ lines at the edge of the lips.
  • Plumping the hollows under eyes
  • Re-volumising cheeks to enhance their shape
  • Lifting and smoothing acne and chicken pox scars
  • Fillers can also refill deep creases not treatable with Botox anti-wrinkle injections

What areas can be treated?

  • Lips – to increase definition, increase fullness or reduce lines.
  • Smile creases and nasolabial folds
  • Plumping the hollows under eyes
  • Cheeks – adding volume and ‘plump’
  • Frown lines, creases and wrinkles
  • Acne scars and chick pox scars
  • Fillers can also refill deep creases not treatable with Botox anti-wrinkle injections

What does the Procedure Involve?

Our General Practitioner will conduct a consultation to assess your needs. We will discuss and advise on how fillers may benefit you, including what filler to use, what area to treat, and most importantly discuss the expected outcome, duration of results and costs.

Filler procedure involves multiple fine injections to the treatment area. We often use a combination of ice and a numbing cream prior to the injections, reducing the discomfort to a manageable level. The procedure takes between 20 to 40 minutes depending on the treated area.

What will I look like after the treatment and how long will it last?

Immediately after the filler procedure, you can expect slight redness and swelling- this is absolutely normal. This inconvenience is temporary and settles within a day or two. Light make up maybe applied if desired. The majority of patients feel comfortable enough to resume their work and normal activities after treatment. Bruising may develop a day or two after fillers, but will settle over 3-5 days.

The longevity of fillers will depend on the areas treated and on the type of fillers used. On average, they last 6-8 months, however, much like one’s metabolic rate, there is also an individual variation in the longevity of fillers in different people.

What is the best Dermal Filler for me?

Derm Cosmesis offers a variety of temporary fillers, each suited to different applications. Our General Practitioners will advise you on which dermal filler is best, depending on the location, longevity and results you desire.

Derm Cosmesis DO NOT perform Permanent Fillers due to the increased risks of serious side effects and complications.

Can dermal fillers be combined with other treatments?

Absolutely! Fillers are only one arm of the rejuvenation process. Fillers are frequently combined with Anti-Wrinkle injections, which relax the underlying muscles. Balance is the key to natural facial rejuvenation. Apart from treating loss volume, the use of our Q switched laser and TCA peels can improve skin texture, tone and clarity.

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