Turkey Neck

Your neck is supported by muscles and like any other muscle in your body, they can weaken with age and lack of use. This means the thin skin that lies over the top of the neck muscles isn’t adequately supported and is likely to sag, giving you what is known as a turkey neck. As you age, your skin also loses elasticity, which is another common cause of loose skin on the neck.

If having a turkey neck runs in your family, it can appear as early as your late twenties, but the majority of women don’t see any signs of slackening neck skin until they reach their mid-40s or later. You don’t have to live with it.

What is the treatment for turkey neck?

There are several strategies for de-turkifying your neck, before resorting to invasive cosmetic surgery. DermCosmesis utilises wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers, thread lifts and Platelet Rich Plasma providing help for advanced cases of turkey neck.

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