It’s been said that the eyes are the gateway to the soul. But they are also one of the first places that show the signs of aging. Red, puffy, swollen eyes with dark circles and wrinkled skin can make you look much older than you really are.

Therefore your eyes should be addressed as part of any effective skin care protocol. There are many ways to help your eyes appear fresher. Such as including getting more sleep and modifying your diet. Also monitoring sun exposure and getting more exercise. One strategy that is often overlooked is the regular use of an eye cream. Here are some benefits:

Reduces puffiness

High quality eye creams will help to reduce the puffiness around your eyes, that contributes to a look of accelerated aging. Puffy eyes usually make someone look tired all the time! This won’t translate into that healthy glow every woman is after.

Reduces those fine lines

Sometimes, the happier you are the more it will show up in fine lines around your eyes. When we smile, the delicate skin at the corners of our eyes scrunches up. This can help contribute to lines and wrinkles. Other factors such as excessive squinting, dry skin, sun exposure and even sleeping a certain way can also make fine lines more pronounced. A good eye cream can diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, so you can smile all you want.

Helps with dark circles

It’s a common belief that dark circles are caused solely by lack of sleep or genetics. And while these factors do contribute, they aren’t the only reasons. Those dark circles you see under your eyes are partially caused by fluid that collects under your eyes. This can be eradicated with the regular use of a quality eye cream.

Specially formulated for the area around the eyes

Many people believe that eye creams are nothing more than standard moisturisers rebranded for the eyes. But a closer look will show that’s not the case. A good eye cream is made especially for the delicate skin around the eyes, and for the common issues that affect them.

If you look for an eye cream that contains ingredients such as caffeine, Vitamin C, retinol, peptides, antioxidants, brighteners, silicone / dimethicone, and hyaluronic acid, you’ll be well on your way to combatting the most common problems. When these ingredients are present, you will be able to prevent collagen damage, keep the skin hydrated, constrict blood vessels to reduce puffiness and brighten up dark circles.

Include eye cream into your skincare routine

Once you start a routine of applying eye cream, along with lifestyle changes designed to help the overall look of your eyes, you will have a more rested looking appearance. For more information on which eye creams are best for you, or to book a consultation, contact us as Dermcosmesis today.

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